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Exploring Maine

Maine is the largest by far of the six New England states, and yet it’s the least populated state east of the Mississippi. Over 90% of its land is covered by forest; hence it is known as “The Pine Tree State.” But its breathtaking geography also includes mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and 3,478 miles of coastline. This site explores Maine in all its glory.


Beautiful Portland sits on a peninsula in Casco Bay, which visitors can explore by boat. Wildlife enthusiasts may spot puffins and seals in the area. The city is famous for world-class restaurants, lobster shacks, breweries, distilleries, and wineries. There are microbreweries in abundance, which craft-beer lovers can visit via local tours.

South Portland

Beneath the Portland peninsula is South Portland, boasting stunning views from vantage points such as Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse or Portland Light Head. The latter is the oldest lighthouse in Maine, having been completed in 1791.

Other Must-See Places

There are many great places to see in Maine. They include:
Acadia National Park; a park of astounding beauty with mountains, rugged coastline, coniferous and deciduous forests, lakes, ponds, and wetlands.

  • Augusta; the state capital, lies on the Kennebec River and offers parks, gardens, and historic architecture. This is an excellent place to start a visit to Maine.
  • Camden; popular with locals and tourists alike for its picturesque harbor and quaint architecture.
  • Freeport, a town that offers great natural beauty alongside famously good shopping.
  • The Kennebunks; includes the towns of Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, characterized by lovely beaches and historic buildings with a shipbuilding and fishing heritage.

Visit Maine and discover one of the most beautiful US states!